The Creating Balance in an Unjust World Conference on Mathematics Education and Social Justice began in New York City in 2007 through a grant Jonathan Osler secured to create the website which provides instructional resources for social justice math educators. Jonathan along with Sam Anderson, Marilyn Frankenstein, Ben Griesinger, Rico Gutstein, Kari Kokka, Erica Litke, Tara Mack, Charlotte Marchant, Taeko Onishi, Sara Soullom, and Beth Wehner planned the first conference that drew teachers, professors, graduate students, youth, and community members from across the country and featured Bob Moses, dedicated civil rights organizer through SNCC, author of Radial Equations, and founder of the Algebra Project that aims to achieve social justice by empowering all citizens with mathematical literacy.

The current core organizing committee consists of Michael Britt, Geoffrey, Taica Hsu, Carolee Koehn-Hurtado, Kari Kokka, and Tol Lau. The organizing committee has always been a grassroots group of teachers who volunteer their time and energy in the hopes of bringing together math educators and activists to network, recharge, build, learn from, and inspire each other in their collaborative social justice work. The committee is always seeking feedback ideas and volunteers to improve conference workshops, talks, panels, and networking opportunities for participants. This conference only exists with your continued support, thank you for joining, and email if interested in organizing with us Thank you!

Kari Kokka – Ed.D. student | Harvard University; Performance Assessment Development and Research Associate | Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity
Geoffrey – Math Teacher at Vanguard High School, New York City
Taica Hsu – Math Teacher at Mission High School, San Francisco
Tol Lau – Math Teacher at Mission High School, San Francisco
Carolee Koehn-Hurtado –
Michael Britt –