The Creating Balance in an Unjust World on STEM Education and Social Justice (formerly focused on mathematics education and now more broadly on STEM education) has been committed to supporting social justice educators since our first conference in 2007. We believe that mathematics literacy is a human right and seek ways to make mathematics meaningful, relevant, and a tool to analyze and change the world.

We stand in solidarity with Dr. Rochelle Gutiérrez, our keynote speaker in 2013, and other critical educators engaging in research, teaching, and service to achieve equity in education. Diverse voices, scholarship, and practice are essential for understanding the complexities of inequity, striving for equitable mathematics learning opportunities, and working towards engaging in a more socially just society. These critical educators’ work empower students and teachers to disrupt the opportunity gap and become future leaders of our country. Creating Balance will continue to support this work while encouraging others to join these efforts.

Please read the following statements from the major mathematics education organizations also in support of Dr. Gutiérrez and other critical scholars.

NCTM Supports Research and Researchers

TODOS Mathematics For All
Research in Mathematics Education Special Interest Group

Benjamin Banneker Association

Supporting AMTE Authors, Scholars, and Members

Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education (RUME)’s statement and petition of

For a history of events as well as updates and more statements supporting Dr. Gutiérrez we find this site helpful and informative: The Attack on Equity Mathematics Education Scholars and the #istandwithrochelle movement, so far

Mathematics education can and should be a humanizing endeavor – one that honors students’ experiences, cultures, and interests. We stand with Rochelle, critical educators, you, your colleagues, and your students.