2016 Keynote Speaker – Rico Gutstein, UIC College of Education
2016 Panelists

Nate Alexander, University of San Francisco
Michele Cody, Willie Brown Middle School
Sandra Fewer, SF Board of Education
Matt Haney, SF Board of Education
Julia Aguirre, University of Washington Tacoma
Marcus Hung, June Jordan School for Equity

2014 Keynote Speaker – Jane Margolis, UCLA Researcher
2014 Panelists
Kyndall Brown, California Mathematics Project
Frank Divinagracia, Da Vinci Science High School
Mary Johnson, Pepperdine University
Caline Khavarani, Da Vinci Science High School
Marty Romero, Los Angeles Unified School District
Lisa-Usher Staats, Los Angeles Unified School District

2013 Keynote Speaker – Rochelle GutiĆ©rrez, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
2013 Panelists
Jonathan Osler, Administrator in the Bay Area
Crystal Proctor, June Jordan School for Equity SF
karen salazar, Association of Raza Educators
Joi Spencer, University of San Diego
Patrick Camangian, University of San Francisco

2012 Keynote Speaker – Lisa D. Delpit, Southern University in Baton Rouge
2012 Panelists
Carlos Cabana, Mission High School SF
Gregory Peters, Leadership High School SF
Taica Hsu, Mission High School SF
Carolee Koehn, Mathematics Project/Parent Project at UCLA
Eric (Rico) Gutstein, University of Illinois at Chicago
Angela Torres

2010 Keynote Speaker – Joi Spencer, University of San Diego
2010 Panelists
Maisha Moses, Young People’s Project
Christopher Nho, Providence Summerbridge
Selledia Ball, Young People’s Project Boston and Cambridge
Patrick Catalano, Providence Summerbridge
Jackie Suarez, Young People’s Project Cambridge

2008 Keynote Speaker – Joan Countryman, Lincoln School in Providence RI
2008 Panelists
Rochelle Gutierrez, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Chad Milner, Young People’s Project
Hector Acevedo, Young People’s Project Cambridge
Elizabeth Yeampierre, UPROSE Brooklyn NY
Bob Peterson, Rethinking Schools
Nahyshene Molina, FUREE Brooklyn NY
2008 Speakers
Monty Neill, National Center for Fair & Open Testing
Louis Delgado, Vanguard High School

2007 Keynote Speaker – Bob Moses, The Algebra Project
2007 Panelists
Marilyn Frankenstein, UMass Boston
Luis Garden Acosta, El Puente High School
Cathy Wilkerson, Middle-School Math Coach
Eric (Rico) Gutstein, University of Illinois-Chicago
Patricia Buenrostro, Little Village/Lawndale High School
K. Wayne Yang, East Oakland Community High School